Never again be a Slave to Your Housework!!

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Jenny Smith Your Home Cleaning Schedule SpecialistHello, my name is Jenny Smith. Welcome to Your Home Cleaning 

When my 3 children were little I used to get so frustrated with my house work because I just couldn't seem to get on top of it.

I tried...To Do Lists, Check Lists, people's advice and even the 'five minute a day' thing. 

But I found these methods only worked temporarily and inevitably I'd end up back where I was before... more frustrated and discouraged then ever.

Enough is Enough!!!

Then one day I said to myself ‘That’s it’ I’ve had it . 

I thought "There has to be an easier way to manage my housework, and if there isn't, I’m going to create an easier way myself".

It wasn’t so much the ‘how to clean’ I struggled with……but the ……‘WHAT to Clean and WHEN‘

I became determined that  I would never again be a slave to my Housework and never again have to do a major spring clean

So for many months and after much trial and error I created a 'Hand Written 12 Month Cleaning Schedule for myself.  It worked so well that others began asking me if I would write one for them too.

What a wonderful feeling seeing chaos turn to order......I was absolutely delighted when I saw the relief my 'adapted' Home Cleaning Schedule brought to my family and friends.

If you're like me and serious about getting your house in order and having more free time with friends and family then you’ll be really excited to hear what I have to share with you next.


A Dream Comes True

From that time on, I dreamed of having my hand written cleaning schedule converted to an electronic version that was adaptable for anyone to use.

Now my home cleaning schedule program is helping people all over the world greatly reduce the time they spend cleaning their homes by re-organising their cleaning chores into smaller more manageable time frames.

To take advantage of this much simpler solution to writing your own schedule all you have to do is answer a few questions and your computer will generate it for you.

Like me a Simple Daily Cleaning Checklist might be exactly what you need to return order and cleanliness to your home today!

3 Major Cleaning Mistakes

I’ve discovered that there are 3 Major Mistakes People Make that keep them feeling overwhelmed by their current daily cleaning schedule.

#1 Biggest Mistake

"Not Following a Plan"

It can be stressful and embarrassing when unexpected visitors drop in to a messy home.

Not having a plan causes a hit & miss effect. Sometimes you’re on top of things and sometimes you're not.

It can also mess with your head as you can start to become preoccupied, all the time thinking about how to manage your housework.

#2 Biggest Mistake

"Not Knowing When To Clean"

You don’t notice the dirt build up until it’s too late & your faced with a massive clean up.

Knowing when & how often to clean certain areas is crucial to your success.

A home cleaning schedule takes all the stress & guesswork out of what to clean & when.

#3 Biggest Mistake

"Thinking You Have to Clean it All"

Without a Plan or Routine many people end up doing a massive clean up every now and then. 

They spend so much time 'thinking' about different ways to manage it all that it becomes very overwhelming.

Using a Cleaning Schedule which breaks up and lists your chores into smaller more manageable time frames really is the answer. 



The 'How To' 

Click on the following link to discover the 'How to' of creating your very own Home Cleaning Schedule today.