Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes Tuesday May 1st 2012

It’s a running joke in our household !!

My husband says if he wants to find anything in our house it’ll be in a box, in a box, that’s in a box.

Everyone laughs but it’s true………….. I love boxes because I love to be able to find what I’m looking for in a flash……and not only that but I can quickly put things away because I know where it goes.

That way there is no build up on the kitchen bench or dining room table (or any flat surface for that matter, lol)……..well ok sometimes there is…….. but knowing where everything lives does make it a lot easier when it comes to putting it away or when someone asks me for something.

When it comes to boxing there are some principles you’ll need to know.

HINT: Put some real thought into this so it will make logical sense to you…..even if it doesn’t make sense to others.

1. Determine the main category first eg: Toys, Books, Shoes, Fire, Craft,

2. Determine Subcategories (I’ll use Toys for this example)… are just a few ideas….you may have more or less.

  • Action Figures
  • Animated Toys
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Board Games & Puzzles
  • Construction
  • Dolls
  • Music & Learning
  • Other Toys
  • Dress Ups

These can be categorized again into smaller boxes (color, shape, size etc) if you like……..but if you do make sure those smaller boxes go inside a bigger box with their subcategory………… The point is you are dividing your main category down into smaller and smaller portions ready to box up and put away…….just a couple of thoughts……for toys hardy plastic is best…..and remember to label everything clearing.

4. Storage and accessibility……..So now you’ve boxed your ready to store them away……put the most popular or most used within easy reach and the less used at a lower or higher level……….

HINT: When it comes to the toys I suggest you bring out one subcategory at time and let the children play with it………then have them put those toys back in their box and back on the shelve or in the cupboard (or wherever you have them stored) before bringing out another………..this way you’re teaching them to be organized themselves and also it’ll help with keeping the house clean and tidy.

I still have my daughters barby dolls and little tea set in their original storage boxes (plastic not cardboard) and she is 23 this year…….(I’m waiting for the Grandchildren)…..believe me it’s worth the effort.

Well it looks like my thoughts for today have turned out to be a lesson……hope you don’t mind.

Remember you can always email me if you want to discuss any other ideas or check out my fully automated and customised housekeeping cleaning schedule.

Take Care and Talk again soon


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