Motivation Saturday June 23rd 2012

Someone asked the question “Can you help me get motivated enough to even want to do my housework?".Maybe a better way of asking that question would be: ”Why is it, that I want to have a clean and tidy house anyway”?

You may think the answer is simple: “That’s just the way it should be”. But if it were that simple, why do so many of us struggle?

It’s because our motivations are at a much deeper level than the ‘should’ so although that may make us do it sometimes it is not enough. To maintain any long term results from a routine or regular housekeeping schedule, we really need to find that deeper level of motivation that will help answer that question.

Now I know motivation is a very complex issue but I’d like to try and simplify it a little and talk here about just two things that have an effect on our motivation in a big way.

The first thing is ‘Ourselves’

If your anything like me, here’s just a few examples of how I feel when my house is in chaos or not clean enough for my liking. I start to feel 'helpless, irritated, incapable, discouraged or even ashamed'. I can even become strangely tired and start to think how useless I am. The more I feel that way the less I seem to do. Can you relate to any of those ? Oh how I hate feeling like that.

On the other hand, the difference I feel when the house is clean and tidy is amazing. I stop feeling so terrible and start to feel ’positive, inspired, dynamic, enthusiastic, secure and in control (I especially love that one)'. I feel settled, comfortable and extremely optimistic’. It seems the more I keep on top of things to more I can achieve.

Why is that? It’s strange but true and the positive feelings I get when my house is clean and tidy is truly what motivates me to stick to my routine. Of course having a House Cleaning List that clearly shows what and when to clean makes it so much easier too.

The second thing is ‘Others’

It’s bad enough when we feel down about ourselves but when others start to judge us as well it can be really hurtful. The family can be constantly complaining, friends and family may be uncomfortable when they visit or not want to visit at all. It is very sad, but it is very true. The way we keep our home does affect others and that in turn affects us.

Whether it’s other family members or friends, the way they relate to us can make the world of difference…….and no matter whether we’re single, married or married with children we can feel a lot better about ourselves when people come to visit and our homes are clean, tidy and have that ‘fresh feel’ about them…….

I love to hear comments like “I just love your house”….” How do you do it?” ….”Your amazing”…..”I wish I could keep my home like this”. These comments help me to feel accomplished, appreciated and that my time and effort is recognized. I speak from experience here because my home was absolutely chaotic until I learnt to organize myself and implemented a ‘House Cleaning Checklist’. I now get those comments sometimes and it’s wonderful to hear.

So until next time, I hope this blog will be an encouragement to you and that you’ll consider searching for that deeper level of motivation that will help you stay on track. I can assure you from personal experience that motivation is easier to obtain and keep when the tasks are not so daunting. Of course, a good housekeeping schedule or even a simple house cleaning list with a few points are a big help for motivation too. 

If you like, make a list of all the positive reasons you find and place it on your fridge. It’ll be a great reminder of how good it feels when we stick to our goals of creating a peaceful, clean and tidy home.

As always please feel free to contact me …… or if you’d like to simply go ahead and create your own customized House Cleaning Checklist here .

Take care and I look forward to talking to you again soon!


P.S – Keep an eye out for my next blog. I want to tell you all about my move to live on a Mine Site .

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