What I love about my Weekly House Cleaning Schedule Wednesday February 1st 2012

Some people say that there is no real need to have weekly house cleaning schedule but I think that they are absolute lifesavers! If you're anything like me, you might need help to stay on track or you might find better things to do with your time than housework.

This is what I love about my Weekly House Cleaning Schedule:

  • It keeps me on track
  • It helps keep me organized
  • It frees up my head space
  • It leaves me more time to do other things

Once I got my house organized (a whole other subject) and a weekly house cleaning schedule in place it was so much easier to keep the house clean and tidy. I get up in the morning, do a quick tidy up and simply follow the list of chores for the day.

I also find that my weekly house cleaning schedule  takes care of the thinking for me. I was always thinking "What should I clean” “When should I clean it” “When did I last clean that” etc. Now I just follow whatever is on the schedule for the day, forget about the housework and get on with something else.

Here’s a tip for you: One of the greatest secrets to successful housework is to enjoy yourself. If I’m on my own I put my favourite (upbeat) music on and sing and dance my way through my cleaning. It’s great fun and the chores are over before you know it. When my kids lived at home I’d take time out to dance with them too, and they loved it.

Talk soon


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