Seven Steps to Tackling any Problem Area

Start with a general overview first…………..Pick a room or a problem area in your home/office……..what you’re looking to achieve in this step is just an overall opinion of the layout or problem.

Ask yourself “Is this room or place functioning well?”……………How successful do you think it is organized right now?

Think is general terms and start will general ideas of how you could make some improvements.

Managing Your Home Cleaning Schedule from Mine Site
My Temporary Home at the Mine
As promised, here’s my story about my Temporary Home on a Mine Site

My husband had been working here at the Mine before it was placed under Care and Maintenance in July 2011. He then stayed on as Caretaker and wasn’t able to get home very often……… so in February this year, 2012 we made the decision to rent our home out so I could join him.

It’s very quiet out here. We are 1 hour and 20 from the nearest town with only the wild life to keep us company………..and the family dogs I brought with me of course.

Motivation for Housekeeping/House Cleaning
Someone asked the question “Can you help me get motivated enough to even want to do my housework?”….Maybe a better way of asking that question would be….”Why is it, that I want to have a clean and tidy house anyway”?……You may think the answer is simple…..your may think “That’s just the way is should be”……..but if it were that simple, why do so many of us struggle.

It’s because our motivations are at a much deeper level than the ‘should’ so although that may make us do it sometimes it not enough……To maintain any long term results from a routine or schedule we really need to find that deeper level of motivation that will help answer that question.

Use boxes for organise home
Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes
It’s a running joke in our household !!

My husband says if he wants to find anything in our house it’ll be in a box, in a box, that’s in a box.

Everyone laughs but it’s true………….. I love boxes because I love to be able to find what I’m looking for in a flash……and not only that but I can quickly put things away because I know where it goes.

Home cleaning chart benefits. Why order a cleaning checklist?
What I love about my Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

Some people say there is no need to have a weekly house cleaning schedule but I think schedules are great. If you're anything like me you need help staying on track or you might find better things to do than housework. This is what I love about my schedule -

  • It keeps me on track
  • It helps keep me organized
  • It frees up my head space
  • It leaves me more time to do other things