Simple Cleaning Tips to Help you Stay Organised:

I know from personal experience that cleaning the home is not always an easy task.

Many people procrastinate, and so clutter just keeps on building up.

The more mess there is, the less you are going to want to clean it!

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your house clean, fresh and well organised.

These simple points will make the world of difference



 Make the Bed

  • An untidy bed can make the whole bedroom look untidy.
  • Spend just 2 minutes after you have woken up to pull the sheets up, tuck in the sides and fluff the pillows. 
  • Just a few moments spent on the bed as part of your daily cleaning check list can make the world of difference.
  • Seeing how easy and quick it is to clean one room will give you the motivation to keep cleaning the rest of the home. 

Clean as you Cook

  • Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, chances are there is going to be a bit of mess created in the process.
  • Especially if it is a big meal, the mountain of clutter left on your bench afterwards can be rather daunting.
  • Reduce the amount of mess leftover once you have finished cooking by cleaning as you go.
  • If you no longer need a certain ingredient out, then put it away to make more room on your bench.
  • If you accidentally spill something, clean it up straight away instead of leaving it till later. 
  • If you take a few moments each time you cook something to keep the kitchen clean, then you will be able to enjoy your meal without having to worry about the mess that is waiting to be cleaned up afterwards.
  • Implementing this simple chore into your cleaning house checklist will keep your kitchen clean and organised.

Wipe up spills while they are still fresh

  • Have you ever been walking along your tiled floors and noticed a sticky patch?
  • This is probably the result of a spill that wasn't cleaned up properly.
  • Remember, it is much easier to clean a fresh spill than one that has aged a bit
  • So if you or your family accidentally spill something on your floors, whether it be food o drink. 
  • Don't wait until your Cleaning House Checklist says to mop the floors- if you do it immediately it'll be easier later on.
  • This will save you time later and will keep you floors sparkling!

Manage the Clutter in Each Room

  • A Weekly Cleaning Schedule can be a great asset towards keeping your home organised and clutter free.
  • However, clutter won't wait until it's time do a clean.
  • So why not keep on top of it instead?
  • You will be amazed at how much easier your Daily Cleaning Checklist is to complete if you do spot cleans every now and then
  • Control clutter in the rooms throughout your home. eg: if you notice that their are a few toys on the floor in your child's room, get the kids to put them away if they are not using them.
  • This will mean that you don't have to tidy up as much before you hook into the Cleaning House List

Just implementing these few simple steps into your cleaning schedule will give you so much more time in your day, and it will go a long way towards keeping your home clean, fresh and well organised !

Keep an eye out more more cleaning tips coming up. 


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