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 I Understand Because I’ve Been There!! 

There's a never-ending list of cleaning tasks that seem impossible to get through.


Here's the “Solution” to Creating your very own unique Home Cleaning Schedule!


It’s as simple as 1,2,3! 

Here is the three step process you will go through after checkout. 


1.Tell us how many of each room you have in your home

Cleaning Calendar


2. Choose the days you want to do the majority of your cleaning 
HINT -  The more days you select the fewer jobs to do each day

Chore Chart Template


3. Tick what items you have in those rooms

 Daily Cleaning Checklist


  • Then with a simple click of a button you will instantly receive an Entire Year Home Cleaning Schedule


  • Your Schedule will show you exactly what item to clean and when....... some Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3 Monthly, and 6 Monthly. 


   Effective Cleaning House Checklist


Once you have received your Home Cleaning Schedule all that’s left to do is….

Simply follow the list!

Do the chores on your selected days and the rest of the day is free to do what ever you want to do!

No more being embarrassed when unexpected visitors pop in. 

Just enjoying the sense of pride you’ll feel when your friends and family start to notice how clean your home is.


How much does it cost?

  • First of all if you were to hire a professional cleaning company to come and clean for you on a regular basis, the cost very quickly adds up. Depending on the size of your home and number of hours required each week, at $45 an hour, your could be up for $400 plus a month.  That’s $4,800 per year!


  • How much cheaper it is to have a simple and easy to follow Home Cleaning Schedule that breaks down all of the required tasks into manageable chunks.


  • I have priced this wonderful, time-saving  Cleaning Schedule so it is affordable to all. Why?...... because it's 'not all about the money'!! I want to share my Schedule and help as many people as I can enjoy the same benefits of having a schedule that myself and countless other clients do. 


  • The fastest most cost effective way to create your very own customised Home Cleaning Schedule is just $127.00


  • That's only 34c a day........$2.43 per week (less than a cup of coffee) for the whole year to eliminate your stress and be thrilled with how clean and organised your home is.


  • I know that peace of mind and a clean and organised home is priceless, so start creating your schedule today. 


Start below by naming your Schedule eg: Jenny's Castle

Click on 'Add to Cart' to proceed to Checkout . Once you have purchased 

your Schedule you will be redirected back here to complete creating

your very own personalised 12 month cleaning schedule


    Share the Joy of Your Home Cleaning Schedule

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    • With this code they will be able to receive a further 10% discount when creating their very own' Customised Home Cleaning Schedule'


    And with my 100% risk-free guarantee… You Have NOTHING To Lose!

    • If you’re still not 100% sure that  Your Home Cleaning Schedule  is exactly what you need to jump start your clean and organised home, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee.


    • If you take this first step and create your customised cleaning schedule and have any problems that I cannot solve for you in a timely manner, just let me know and I will INSTANTLY send you a FULL refund.   














































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