Results of Jenny's '6 Secrets'


Jenny helped JanI can highly recommend Jenny in her ability to de-clutter and re-organise any room in your home . I first used Jenny’s services to organise my craft items. She found the same items in a few different rooms and suggested a bookcase and some lovely coloured boxes which she labeled and placed all the items into. It was wonderful to be able to find everything I wanted in the one place.

I later down-sized my accommodation and needed to have my office and sewing in one room. Jenny was able to once again re-organise the room to my complete satisfaction. 




Jenny helped ColleenAs a teacher I have collected many resources over the years & I have stored them in a room called my school room. The only trouble is the more I collected, the more disorder came into the room, so that when I wanted to find something it was a major operation to track it down. I wasted so much precious time just looking for things I knew were there somewhere.

When Jenny offered to help me bring this room into order, I first of all felt a bit embarrassed about my “mess”. I didn’t need to feel this way, as Jenny straight away made me feel at ease & showed me what pleasure she took in bringing order to my confusion. The results were absolutely amazing!

With Jenny’s gifting in this area my room was transformed & became very ordered & functional. I am no longer feeling frustrated because I can’t find something, but instead I take great delight in being able to put my hand straight on the item I am looking for.

I have also found that I have been able to implement Jenny’s system into other areas of my home, and I love the sense of peace & freedom this has brought to my life. Thank you Jenny!



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